About Us

In November of 2011, we decided to make the biggest change of their lives, well, besides marrying each other.  Both of us had lived in New Hampshire since we were toddlers and after 40+ cold winters, we decided to sell our home and move to Tennessee.  We lived in a motorhome for the better part of a year while our new home was being built.  While that experience was certainly a test to this couple’s resolve, we made it and we are still standing strong!  We ARE New Englanders, after all.  Since Christmas of 2014, we live in our new home in Greeneville, TN with our new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies, Bruschi and Nala, and we are a family of die-hard New England Patriots fans, but please don’t let that stop you from doing business with us.  We really are good people.

Our Values

  1. Outstanding Customer service above all else, with no exceptions
  2. Prompt communication to our customers who make us successful.
  3. Fair and honest pricing for the work that we do.

Our People

Julie is the creative genius of our company.  She is the one that helps you color coordinate threads and shirts.  She’s been sewing since she was a kid and has forgotten more about sewing and stitching than most people know.  A few years ago,  Julie quit her perfectly good, decent paying job to pursue an embroidery business.  Now, three years later, and with a lot of  blood, sweat and tears (soooo many tears),  STK Promotions is alive and kickin’.

Chris is the ‘Tek’-nical one on the team.  He works with the digitizers and artists to help create many of your graphics.  He maintains the website and social media pages.  He is also a part-time bookkeeper and accountant for the business and handles all the It needs.