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Employee uniforms yay or nay?

Should your employees wear uniforms?  Maybe, maybe not or maybe they should sometimes.  Any business that directly interacts with customers should present themselves in a professional manner. So many establishments require their employees to wear something, a polo shirt, a vest an apron or something that distinguishes them from their customers.  But who benefits if your employees are easily identified?  Well, in a word, everyone.  The company, the employee, and of course, the customer all benefit.

Your company benefits by turning your employees into walking, talking promoters; every time they wear that polo shirt outside of your business – going to lunch, running errands, picking up the kids from school, more ‘eyeballs’ are seeing your company name and logo.  Also known as, ‘free advertising’.  Yes there is the initial cost, but unlike print or digital advertising, there is no charge incurred each time the ‘ad’ is shown.  Win for you.

Your employees benefit, while they may not agree at first, they do.  Since childhood, we have a need to be apart of something: a group or a team.  And when your employees are manning a trade show booth and everyone is dressed alike, they feel a sense of teamwork and togetherness.  If you are lucky, that unity continues back at the office and happy employees are more productive and efficient.

Lastly, your customers benefit.  How many times have you asked a question to someone you ‘thought’ was an employee, but turned out to be another customer, just like you?  A uniform, or apron or vest removes that level of frustration for the customer.  Being able to easily identify the person of authority puts customers at ease and encourages them to return time and time again.

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