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Introducing FREE Team Pop-Up Shops!

A few months back we had a team of people that wanted to order, pay, and ship individually call us to help out.  As with everything we do things tend to evolve over time and get better.  As we come closer to some yearly technology conferences like VMworld, we get more of these requests.  While the initial solution worked, it lacked a few things that new groups wanted such as:

  • Password protected access
  • Multiple product variations and options
  • Live shipping rates
  • Easy checkout functionality
  • Account based order history
  • Local pickup locations
  • Bundled product options

So what this sounded like was we needed to build a store.  Well, not a full blown store, but what we have started to refer to as Pop-Up Shops.  So how do they work?  We will get into some detail but first watch this short video about them.

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Helping Customers Through Technology

We wanted to share a short story of how we helped a customer with a specific challenge.  This customer problem is not in fact unique and maybe you or someone you know has this same challenge.  If they do after reading this you can see how we are uniquely positioned to help them.  This can be quite a knot to untie.

Project:  Order embroidered team polos based on a single design and model shirt
The Challenges:   These are common with these type of orders

  • Manage and track all the individual sizes
    • Have each individual on the team place their own order based on size and quantity
  • Have each individual pay on their own credit card for expense purposes
  • Ship each order individually to the purchasers

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