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Introducing FREE Team Pop-Up Shops!

A few months back we had a team of people that wanted to order, pay, and ship individually call us to help out.  As with everything we do things tend to evolve over time and get better.  As we come closer to some yearly technology conferences like VMworld, we get more of these requests.  While the initial solution worked, it lacked a few things that new groups wanted such as:

  • Password protected access
  • Multiple product variations and options
  • Live shipping rates
  • Easy checkout functionality
  • Account based order history
  • Local pickup locations
  • Bundled product options

So what this sounded like was we needed to build a store.  Well, not a full blown store, but what we have started to refer to as Pop-Up Shops.  So how do they work?  We will get into some detail but first watch this short video about them.

How do Free Team Pop Up Shops Work?

This is the best part.  You only have to choose the items and the design to go on them.  Think of these as a ‘Group Buy’ setup.  We waive the setup fees, and in most cases any artwork fees simply based on the fact this is about multiple orders.  We add the items to a private section of our website and provide you the access information in the form of a short URL and password.  We agree on a set ordering window for the pages to be active at which time they will be locked so we can start production.  Each Pop-Up Shop comes with an FAQ about the ordering window, changes, and other useful information.

The best part is is you are the normal “Coordinator” of sizes, money collection, and shipping out to people, this SAVES YOU TIME!!  We have built the system to fully automate as much as possible and make the shop easy to access.  All you have to do is share the link and password with your team.  Oh did we mention, setting this up COSTS YOU NOTHING!!  We realize that this makes your life easier and helps grow our business.  So we are not charging you a CENT to host this service.

Free Team Pop-Up Shop Demo!

So you want to see what it looks like and the flow for your team?  Just visit our Demo Shop and use the password LetMeIn which is case sensitive.

  • Demo Shop
  • Password:  LetMeIn (case sensitive)
  • Just click on the “Your Logo Here” image to access the items available to the demo team

Don’t worry you can’t really place an order fully but you can go all the way to the point of payment with PayPal.  That’s the other great thing is with PayPal as one option we can bill to anyone around the world.  However, we are still limited in our shipping capabilities due to costs and duty so we have to ship to the US Only.  Don’t worry, we have a way around that using a re-shipper service called

How Do I Get A Free Team Pop-Up Shop?

That’s easy as well.  Just Contact Us and if you are sending an E-Mail check the box indicating you want to talk about a Pop-Up Shop.  We will get in touch with you to figure out the items for the shop and go from there.  We can usually have one setup in a couple days once you decide on the items.  The production times will vary of course depending on the items and level of work for the designs.

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